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CAS offers all levels of training from the shop floor to the executive level.   Our dynamic, expert instructors can help you bring about real change in your business performance and culture.   Our team of experienced Black Belts and Master Black Belts teach and customize training to fit your needs.   We emphasize core fundamentals that get the job done and remain powerful tools in your employees' arsenal.

All training is very interactive and hands-on, with exercises to not just offer information, but to teach you how to apply the tools and concepts. The CAS professionals have many years experience teaching and have found there is a hierarchy of information retention. The more hands-on and the more the student uses the information immediately, the greater the level of retention. You will see the CAS difference in the knowledge and skill level of your employees after the training.

CAS offers training at the customer's facility, at our own facilities, and through the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). Below is a list of currently scheduled classes. We also schedule classes at the customer's convenience if registering a sufficient class size. Volume discounts are available.

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Note: CAS teaches classes privately at companies almost every week. This calendar shows classes open to the public only.

Course Descriptions

See your revenue and profit skyrocket Managing To Be Lean: This 10 hour course focuses on Lean concepts and tools, managements’ role, achieving a lean culture, and strategic project selection.  Learn how to make your deployment a success and why some have failed…More

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: This 5 day course covers all of the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma as a unified strategy.  It is intended for facilitators who will be managing projects part time.  Certification is available…More

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: This 2 week course dives deep into all aspects of Lean and Six Sigma as a unified strategy.  It is intended for facilitators who will be managing projects full-time or leading a deployment team and have already completed the Green Belt class.  Certification is available…More

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt: This 3 week course dives deep into Lean Six Sigma, but also covers other aspects of the deployment like strategic project selection, ROI, portfolio management, corporate metrics, and training methods.  It is intended for corporate leaders of a Lean Transformation who are already experienced Black Belts.  Certification is available…More

Six Sigma Image Six Sigma Crash Course: This 4 day course prepares a student to take the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt exam. Learn statistical process control combined with proven methods for process improvement. Certification is available from ASQ…More

Team Excellence Leadership Team Excellence Leadership: This course is the epitome of leadership training. It offers both proven methods to effective leadership and personal insight into your preferred role(s) on a team. This unique combination leads to the most effective team leadership possible. More

Lean Image Lean Facilitator: This 4 day course covers all of the fundamentals of Lean.  It is intended for facilitators who will be managing projects part time.…More

RCM Toolbag RCM Workshop: This 3 day course session trains engineers, reliability specialists, and technicians to conduct RCM analyses…More

Voice of the Customer

Strategic Project Selection

Facilitation Skills

Process Mapping

Waste Elimination

Pull Systems

Defect Prevention

Setup Reduction

Root Cause Analysis

Statistical Process Control

Process Capability

Quality Function Deployment

…and many more topics

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