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Just a Few of Our Many Successful Customers
Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company: CAS Professionals have worked with Ford Motor Company since 2010 in Ford's never-ending pursuit of excellence in order to reduce their machine downtime and maximize productivity through Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM). Working with the plant personnel to analyze failure modes and review statistical data, CAS has helped Ford improve machine reliability in multiple factories. However, CAS goes a step beyond just consulting and making specific improvements. We have worked to train their people in how to conduct RCM analysis, resulting in future internal gains. The CAS professionals always strive to train your personnel in order to make your gains self-sustainable.

Professional Aerospace Accessories

Professional Aircraft Accessories: CAS began working with Professional Aircraft Accessories as part of a complete Lean Transformation, through facilitation, strategic planning, and training. PAA is thriving in this transformation. Their market strategy, high level of quality, and new found efficiency is helping them to rapidly gain new and expanded business. They recently expanded their production facilities by another 20,000 square feet in order to handle this rapid growth in business volume and throughput. CAS assisted them with a Lean Factory Design for the existing and additional space in order to maximize the efficiency of their rapid growth in market share and capacity. They have implemented 5S and are implementing targeted process improvements, in order to eliminate bottlenecks from their processes. We believe their future is very bright.

Mastercut Tool Company

Mastercut Tool Company: Similar to Professional Aircraft Accessories, CAS is working with Mastercut tools as part of a complete Lean Six Sigma implementation, through facilitation, strategic planning, and training. Mastercut manufactures high-quality carbide tools. We are mostly helping them do it more efficiently. They are also growing and expanding, so we are helping them with a Lean Factory Design for the new space they are growing into then the existing facility in order to maximize the efficiency as they growth in market share and capacity. In the coming weeks we will be helping them implement 5S and training Green Belts in order to eventually make them self-sufficent. Mastercut is growing and we look forward to even more growth and new markets for them as they become even more efficient and competitive.

Alaska Aerospace

Alaska Aerospace: The CAS Team traveled to Anchorage, Alaska twice to Facilitate Strategic Planning for Alaska Aerospace. This has helped in their success, in spite of a challenging market. This recent Lockheed Martin news release describes part of that success, " March 2, 2012: Lockheed Martin Corporation [NYSE: LMT] announced today that it has chosen Alaska’s Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC) as its dedicated West Coast launch facility for Athena rocket launches.  The company’s decision will enable Alaska Aerospace Corporation to move ahead with plans to expand its space launch capabilities.  Lockheed Martin has been working with the state of Alaska and Alaska Aerospace Corporation on expansion plans for the new medium–lift launch pad to support potential Athena III launches."

Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology: Working with the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), CAS has taught numerous Six Sigma Green Belt classes as part of FIT's Continuing Education Department. This ongoing partnership has allowed FIT to offer this training as part of their curriculum, while allowing CAS to work with the university's staff and academic leadership.


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