Learn RCM and TPM methodologies and application in a fun interactive environment where you will apply the methods to actual hardware in your factory. Reliability Centered Maintenance Training, Total Productive Maintenance
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Training: Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
RCM Training Includes Hands-On Use of the Tools and Statistics

Who Needs This: This session trains engineers, reliability specialists, and technicians to conduct RCM analyses.

Duration: This course is 3 full days

Overview: Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a process to identify an appropriate mix of applicable and effective maintenance tasks performed at appropriate intervals to maintain equipment reliability and availability at minimum cost. It is a systematic approach to evaluate the equipment’s design and operating context in terms of possible failures, the consequences of these failures, and the recommended maintenance procedures. Often equipment is purchased with a set of OEM-recommended maintenance tactics that may or may not be optimum. RCM analysis can be performed to optimize existing asset maintenance programs or can be performed as equipment is designed to develop the appropriate maintenance program. The “living” process monitors equipment performance over time to validate that the existing maintenance preserves important equipment functions, determines opportunities to improve the maintenance program and identifies developing problems.

Course Description

This session trains engineers, reliability specialists, and technicians to conduct RCM analyses. Based on industry standard JA1011/1012, the class covers many real-world case studies and provides the student the opportunity to perform RCM analysis on equipment within his/her work area. Both the “classic” RCM approach and a streamlined approach for existing maintenance programs are covered.

The course work covers industry RCM tools and methodologies while incorporating some of the Lean Six Sigma tools. This includes some statistical analysis, methods in analyzing failure modes and effects, as well Lean solutions to some maintenance challenges.

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