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Latest News Releases for CAS

AQI Lean Six Sigma Conference March 31, 2014 - CAS Leads AQI Conference: The 2014 annual American Quality Institute Lean and Six Sigma World Conference was held March 26 - 28, 2014. The conference chair was our president Bonnie Hauge. With the help of founder Shermin Vanderbilt and the conference commity Bonnie planned and led the conference. Among the many well known speakers were Thomas Pyzdek, Forest Breyfogle, and our own Don Johnston and Frank Norris. Frank spoke on Cost of Quality. The presentation focused on how the true cost of poor quality can be far higher than one would expect and that by capturing this cost a company has the data to guide their Lean Six Sigma deployment to huge gains first in cost and then in market share.

Don Johnston spoke on "Hot Rodding Your Improvement Program". The focus was ways to optimize your process improvement program and achieve break-through results. Both presentations were extremely well received.

On Friday Frank and Don taught a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification class. The class had 29 students. It lasted 8 hours and included exercises and a simulation. The students raved about the quality of the class. One student stated "This is the most value-added class I have ever been to". At the end of the session the students received diplomas as each of us rushed off to catch a plane.

Don Johnston March 28, 2014 - Avoiding Performance Waste: Don Johnston, the CEO of CAS Adaptive Solutions, wrote a recent editorial published in I-4 Business Magazine. The article was entitled "Avoiding Performance Waste". It is something of a "Lean for Laymen", describing 3 of the 8 wastes categorized in Lean and offering ways to recognize them in business processes.

In our efforts to become more “green,” we are often concerned with the waste that our companies produce, such as paper, material scrap, or even liquid and airborne pollutants. There is another kind of waste that is even more prevalent in our operations, but which is often harder to spot – Performance Waste. This waste consists of the steps in our work processes that do not contribute to customer satisfaction; in fact, it actively gets in the way of pleasing the customer.

As customers ourselves, we have all experienced Performance Waste from time to time. We have endured a lengthy check-in process at a hotel; we’ve filled out the same information multiple times in the waiting room at the doctor’s office; and we’ve wondered why our CPA takes so long with our taxes. More.....


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